UNL Detroit MITs Serve at Soup Kitchen During Holiday Break

Usher’s New Look Detroit is Powered by Service! Sequoia Mitchell, Myles-Amir Harlan, Madisyn Ramsey and Der’Laina McKinney, members of our Detroit Moguls in Training Program, a leadership program for college students, took time out of their relaxing winter breaks to serve at Detroit’s Cappuchin Soup Kitchen! Together, they donated items to the kitchen with the help of Mr. Kevin Pringle, the shipping and receiving supervisor at the Cappuchin Services Center. Myles Harlan, a member of New Look since he was a freshman in High School, wrote New Look about the experience saying, “I really appreciate you providing me with this opportunity and responsibility, and I’m proud to say that Usher’s New Look has a new relationship with Cappuchin Soup Kitchen!” Great job giving back.