UNL Partners with Microsoft for Day of Career & Service

“You can’t begin to look for opportunities until you know what’s out there,” said Corey Montgomery, a sales strategist from Microsoft, to a classroom of Atlanta youth on Friday. “I’ve been in your shoes as a kid in inner-city Detroit, and I want you to know– anything you want to do– it’s doable. You just have to know how.”

On Friday, New Look partnered with Microsoft for a day of service event at Atlanta’s Washington High School to educate youth on how to achieve their dream careers.  A diverse group of employees from Microsoft came out to volunteer and speak to more than 100 upperclassmen students about how they chose their own career paths, the importance of education, and to show what a picture of success looks like. Students were exposed to an endless array of career possibilities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, business, and sales. Students split up into groups and participated in one-on-one question and answer sessions with Microsoft’s employees.

Employees gave impactful advice to the youth in attendance. Bo, a sales employee suggested students discover potential careers by Identifying things people are confused about, and then learning how to make them less confusing.  Another employee, Lauren, discussed internships and study abroad opportunities as ways for finding yourself in college and figuring out the path towards what you want to do.

At the end of the day, New Look concluded the event with a tradition called “expressions”, where youth stepped out of their shells and performed their talents, from poetry to song and dance, for the Microsoft staff. The day was a success for everyone involved. Students left empowered to take on the world and their futures, while Microsoft staff were humbled to have made a difference in these students’ lives.

Thank you Microsoft!

2013-Microsoft Day of Service-Employees lead students in career talk


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