WEI Atlanta Provides 3 New Look Students Entrepreneurship Opportunity

The Women Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) in Atlanta “intersects women entrepreneurs with opportunities to create, invigorate, and sustain business success.” As a new initiative and project coming out of the new Usher’s New Look Spark Center, the company is now working with three young women entrepreneurs from our Moguls in Training Program. Georgia State college student, Jasmine Elliot, Georgia Tech Student, Taylor Dalton and New Look alum and 2016 Georgia State grad, Kamera Cobb will be working with mentors from WEI in hopes of bringing their business ideas to a reality. They will also be competing for a prize from WEI to fund their business goals.

UNL alum, Kamera, told us,

“The Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative is a group of 15 entrepreneurs who are working on their own business endeavors over a 15-month span. They are going to help guide our business ideas and help us form a pitch. We will be competing against one another to win a grand prize. They will be walking us through and fleshing out our ideas in order to form a creative pitch that is going to be captivating to the judges. They are helping us really focus on things that they know the judges will be looking for and some things that we can bring to our presentation, our pitches, that will make us stand out from one another.”

Cobb’s business endeavor is an app idea. She feels as though WEI will be beneficial to her business idea by helping her network with the right people to build a great team to get her app idea off the ground. Jasmine Elliot’s centers around her spark for fashion and styling. Taylor Dalton’s involves skin care.

“One thing I was thinking that stood in the way of my app idea is, ‘How am I going to be able to do this?’ I know how to use apps, but I don’t really know how to develop them. I just know I have this great idea. They are going to help me figure out what my team needs to be, or what people I need to be in contact with, to be able to say, ‘Okay, this is how I am going to develop it, these are the people I need to market it to and this is how it will be useful.'”

Elliot, Bonner, and Cobb will get the opportunity to work with all of the WEI ladies, but each young woman got to choose one mentor they especially bonded with. Over the next 3 to 4 months Elliot, Bonner, and Cobb will be meeting with them periodically, keeping in contact and updating them on the progress of their pitch. The mentors are available to the young women at any time whether by email, phone, text or office visits. There is no doubt that these young ladies will do their absolute best to achieve their dreams. Best of luck to all three candidates.

Check back for updates throughout the process!

Sunday, January 19th 2017

First meeting! Just in time for National Mentoring Month. Kamera, Taylor and Jasmine meet and choose their mentors at the launch of our partnership with WEI.


Thursday, February 9th 2017

You gotta look the part! Bloomingdales and WEI surprise the girls with new wardrobes for their pitch competition so they will feel confident before the judges.

April 14, 2017

And the winner is…. Jasmine Elliott. For her app, Your Prom Stylist. But honestly, all three girls did so well, they are all winners in our eyes. Each runner up took home $500 to use towards their idea. We are so proud. Stay tuned for updates on each of their businesses.