Usher & UNL Host Students from Nnamdi Asomugha’s Foundation

NFL Veteran, husband of Kerry Washington, and friend of Usher’s, Nnamdi Asomugha, brought a group of high achieving high school students from his foundation to Atlanta recently for a week-long college tour trip. The group came by our headquarters to discuss their future college and career plans with our college student peer trainers. At first, the students didn’t even know they were at Usher’s organization. The Asomugha Foundation’s leaders had taken their phones and left them completely clueless as to what Usher’s New Look was. So, when Usher dropped in for a surprise visit, their reactions were priceless! Usher led a 15 minute Q & A with the students. where they got to ask for his advice on anything related to talent, education, career and service. Then, our peer trainers returned and gave them a micro Powered by Service training where they learned how to ‘Explode the Issue’. We had such a good time with this group! Watch Usher’s Full Q & A with the Asomugha Foundation students HERE