Usher’s New Look Atlanta Academy Youth Job Shadow at the City of Atlanta

Last week, for Spring Break Job Shadowing week, eleven New Look Atlanta Leadership Academy students had an amazing time job shadowing at various offices within the City of Atlanta. Denise’Ann Shields, Alexus Mitchell, Keiondra Dupree, Kemon White, Andreris Williams, Angel Thompson, Lameria Primrose, Alex Mitchell, Kayla Bonner, Yasmine Crane and Yekiyah Crane we’re selected for this opportunity based on their achievements and interests.

Check out these quotes from our students on their experience!

“My passion is film and acting. I got to job shadow Sharise Scineaux, a film director and producer for the City of Atlanta. I found that she is in a position I would someday like to be in. I was able to meet the Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed. I leared how to check the room for good lighting and audio. I also attended and helped set up the 2015 USDA Summer Food Service program launch. This was an amazing experience. Thank you!” -Alex Mitchell, 10th Grader


“I job shadowed Ryan Shepard, who is a consultant for the City of Atlanta. I learned to not be afraid of hardwork and to persevere. This experience helped me grow as an individual. Thank you Mr. Ryan for allowing me to shadow you. You taught me a lot and I am thankful for being able to work with you.” -Andreris Williams, 10th Grader


“My spark is computers and engineering. I shadowed an architect and learned new things. I learned that math and science play a role in architecture. Thank you for showing me how architecture and evacuation plans are made.” -Kemon White, 9th Grader


“I shadowed Karen Dawson. She is in charge of human resources and billing for the City of Atlanta. Even though I don’t want to work so much in billing, this experience showed me that people work hard for our city and I should do the same.” -Keiondra Dupree, 10th Grader


“I job shadowed Ms. Lorielle Broussard at the city of Atlanta Film office. She is the marketing and communications manager for the city of Atlanta. This experience related to my interest, because I would love to grow up to be in movies one day, and Ms. Lorielle’s job is surrounded by movies and all types of entertainment around Atlanta. Through the shadow, I got the opportunity to go on a scout throughout the city hall for an actual movie.  I shook hands with the director and production team of an upcoming movie, and was able to listen and talk with Ms. Lorielle about her job. I learned that in the entertainment business you have to work well and communicate with people. Thank you Ms. Lorielle for taking the time to spend the day with me and teach me about your exciting job!” -Denise’Ann Shields, 10th Grader