Usher’s New Look Receives Official Resolution from Georgia Lt. Governor!

On Thursday, Usher’s New Look was commemorated at the Georgia State Capitol with an official resolution from the Georgia State Senate and Lieutenant Governor Casey Kagle! The Resolution celebrated Usher’s New Look organization for sixteen years of service to the community and over 22,000 youth served by our programs. The morning began with introduction from Mr. Roy Neill, of the Lt. Governor’s office, who welcomed New Look President, Yvette Cook, staff and participating New Look Atlanta high school and college students (Alexus Mitchell, Alex Mitchell, Maurice Thomas, Kayla Bonner, Keiondra Dupree, Kemon White, Penny Nyokabi, Rashad Cain, Richard Lawson & Larnell Ellison) . Mr. Neill introduced Irene Munn, also of the Lt. Governor’s office, who helped the students brush up on their U.S government with a quick pop quiz about the legislative process. After the quiz, students headed to the Senate Gallery to watch Usher’s New Look receive the official Commemoration. Guest for the day, Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, kicked off the senate session, followed by Georgia Senator Ramsey who introduced Usher’s New Look and signed the resolution for the Senate Chamber. Yvette Cook accepted the Resolution with a short speech and welcomed New Look alumna, Penny Nyokabi, to the stage to share how the program has shaped her life. Watch the video of the Resolution below!

After the commemoration, the students ate lunch provided generously by The Georgia Poultry Association and Chik-fil-A. Then, headed down to Governor Deal’s office for a quick photo. Governor Deal told the students it was a pleasure having them at the Capitol for the day, and that he respected the work Usher was doing with the New Look organization.

Students and Governor Deal

The day concluded with a fun mock legislative session led by Irene Munn. The students had to research and decide a verdict on a proposed amendment to the Constituti0on of Georgia to allow the General Assemby to authorize the establishment of an “Opportunity School District” to provide state level intervention for failing schools. The students were very passionate about the decision and many connected their rationale to personal experiences with the Georgia Public School System. Each youth received an official certificate for participating. After the session many of the youth, both high school and college, announced they were now interested in pursuing a career in government or law, even though they had never considered it as a career possibility before.