What is Powered by Service?

If you are new to Usher’s New Look, you might be asking, ‘What is Powered by Service anyways?’ Here’s a quick run down of all you need to know about PBS!

2013- MKE PBS Washington-Three MKE Boys bandwPBS is New Look’s six hour local leadership certification training program for 8th graders backed by Emory’s Goziueta Business School. The training led by New Look’s college-age program youth (MITs) seeks to help youth identify their “spark” and find creative ways to create change in their communities. Once students receive their PBS certification, they can apply to enter the New Look Leadership Academy (9th-12th grade) where they will work towards their national leadership certification through exposure to the four pillars of talent, education, career, & service.

The six hour training session consists  fun-filled activities and guest speakers focused on the following topics:

Personal Assessment – students will assess their interests, strengths, and weaknesses to discover their “spark”, be it singing, dancing, art, sports, writing, public speaking, etc.

Defining Your Brand – students will take a look at their current lives (how they represent themselves) and learn how to make to positive alterations in an effort to align their lifestyles with their talent.

Leadership 101 – students will identify and discuss the traits of great leaders; consequently, discovering which traits they share with the leaders discussed.

Creativity to Solve Community Problems – students will learn that talents and gifts equal power to create awareness and change.

Exploding the Issue – students are taught how to get past the surface of an issue, discovering not only the effects of it but also some deeply rooted causes.

Toolkits Session – powerful projects that our members have created and implemented are shared as well as toolkits with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate these projects.

Powered By Service Project Planning – students will take everything they have learned and brainstorm a project idea to be implemented in their community.

Goal Setting – the students will learn effective goal-setting tools and apply them to the service project idea.

Stay tuned to New Look’s blog and social media to see Powered by Service in action

as we travel to Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee and NY!

2013- LA PBS- Brandon Hamilton (2)