What Is Your Personal Brand?

What’s your “brand”? Is it an authentic portrayal of you? We all have to sell ourselves. Usher’s New Look Foundation offers 10 ways to create your personal brand.

How do you think your teachers, friends and family would describe you? What do you want to be known for? What is your personal brand?

Personal branding is in many ways the same as your reputation. And building your personal brand requires a commitment to defining yourself as a leader. A big part of a brand is in the perception of others, and it’s your job to control that perception.

  1. Be authentic. Be honest about who you are and with those you meet.
  2. Be consistent. Be consistent in everything you do, from the way you talk on the phone, your behavior at school or meetings and how you write emails.
  3. Be well-known. How are you perceived? You can put yourself out into the world through social networking sites and community organizations, but make sure your brand is reflecting who you are and how you wish to be known.
  4. You are not just a student or employee. You are a brand. What are you most proud of about yourself and what do you bring to a school, company or organization? Promote your best assets.
  5. Separate yourself from the competition. What makes you different? How do you stand out?
  6. Show the essence of who you truly are. Do you command attention and are you perceived as a leader?
  7. Build a network. Your friends, teachers, co-workers and customers are important marketing tools for your brand. What they say about you is important!
  8. Be persuasive. Use your power intelligently and always be an authentic leader.
  9. Ask for advice. Ask people who will be honest with you about your performance.
  10. Be honest with yourself. How do you define success and what truly makes you happy? Don’t lose sight of what your goals are and what type of life you wish to lead.

Take the time – and the chance – to define how you want the rest of the world to see you!

“What you say and do does matter. Be your best self and live a life of purpose and promise.” – Usher Raymond IV