UNL Spark Center Launches ‘Writes of Passage’ Program

The opening of the new UNL Spark Center, a physical hub for New Look youth leaders in Atlanta, GA, has allowed us to expand our programming and provide even more exposure opportunities for our students to explore various career pathways. One such opportunity is our new 12-week ‘Writes of Passage’ Program every Thursday evening for Leadership Academy (high school) and Moguls in Training (college) program students who have “sparks” for writing. In partnership with the ‘My Higher Self’ program, this new initiative is designed to develop the next generation of writers by taking a core group of students through a journey where they not only learn the writing process, but also complete the program as published authors. Open to all New Look students from the Atlanta area (our students come from Atlanta, Cobb County, DeKalb, Clayton County and Gwinnett Public Schools) these students’ novels will be available as hard copy, on Amazon and Kindle. Our goal is to give New Look students a platform to share their unique stories from their own perspectives.

2017-Writes of Passage-2

Founder of The Writes of Passage, Nashid Sharrief, says the program is,

“Designed to create authors who tell the stories we need to hear. Our students have had experiences that shape the way they view the world and themselves. They seldom get a chance to share their stories in their ways. The Writes of Passage program gives students the skills, resources, and opportunity to share their stories in their voice, and own the power that comes along with that. The complete the program as published authors.”

The program will have the following benefits for New Look students:

  • Reading/Writing/Speaking Skills – Writing improves reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  • Self-Expression – Students can express ideas or feeling they may not be comfortable communicating.
  • Entrepreneurship – Students will learn how royalties work and how to market their book as a product.
  • Self-Actualization – Students develop personalized finished products based off their own work.

Stay tuned for updates along the way and to read the students’ published works at the end of their 12-week journey!