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The Usher’s New Look, John Mayoue Giving Society is comprised of generous, forward-thinking men who believe in the importance of investing in and energizing tomorrow’s leaders. The society is named in honor of John Mayoue, a highly regarded attorney, business leader and philanthropist, for his unwavering commitment to Usher’s New Look and his transformative bequest to further our mission.

Help Transform the Lives of Young Men

with a minimum investment of $2,500

"Usher's New Look has given me a better perspective on choosing my career and how it can impact the world."

~ Tommie Anderson, UNL Alumnus

"They [UNL] have just been overall great in supporting me in my life so that I can...make a better impact in other people's lives. "

~ Neil La-Mothe, Moguls in Training Scholar

Expand Your Influence While Making a Lasting Impact

Joining this league of influential men, comes with many special benefits. In addition to providing life-changing inspiration and support to promising young men, your membership grants you access to influential networking events, exclusive UNL functions, and so much more.

Benefits of Membership:

  • One (1) year John Mayoue Giving Society membership
  • Exclusive invitations to special UNL events
  • Recognition as a founding member UNL’s John Mayoue Giving Society

Membership Engagement Opportunities

John Mayoue Giving Society members are also afforded the opportunity to invest in our future male leaders.

  • Share your Spark Story
  • Become a Motivational Minute Speaker
  • Offer Guidance On Pursuing One’s Spark
  • Participate in an Industry Sharing Workshop
  • Participate in a Career Panel Session
  • Facilitating an Internship Information Session(s)
  • Offer Internships
  • Create Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Offer Resume Review or Mock Interview(s)
  • Offer Career Mentoring
  • Become a Community Service Partner
  • Share insight on Board Service & Philanthropy

The John Mayoue Giving Society is a wonderful opportunity for fulfillment while investing in our next generation of male leaders who have the capacity to positively impact their spheres of influence and the world.

If you have any questions, or are not ready to join the society but still want to offer one of the above services, please reach out to Renea J. Pierre at rpierre@ushersnewlook.org.
with a minimum investment of $2,500