Why Do We Do It?

86% of UNL youth are first-generation college students. Today, only 11% of first-gen college students graduate, due to economic disparities and a lack of structured support. And many of the college students who leave, do so while in good standing. College and higher learning is key to securing success into today’s competitive economy, so UNL is working to ensure all college students from under-resourced backgrounds have the tools and support they need to finish school and secure a job.  

How do we do it?

Moguls in Training meet virtually every month to discuss college challenges and receive resources that will help students graduate. Sessions around personal development, productive matriculation on a college campus and successful transition into adulthood are also conducted. Maintaining the peer to peer model, monthly discussions are led by a UNL alumnus who also engages industry experts to create robust sessions which foster successful college graduates. Following the monthly sessions, MITs are provided with additional resources to assist with applying the skills covered during the session.

Preparation for Life’s Marathon

Every year students focus on a personal development theme that builds on the year prior. The topics for each year include the following:

Year 1-Preparation to Succeed

Academic Plan, Time Management/ Study Habits, Networking, How to choose a major, Healthy Living

Year 2- Tapping Into Resources

Goal-setting, Stress Management, Financial Literacy, Internships, Study Abroad and Business Etiquette

Year 3-Developing You

Global Awareness, Ethics & Reputation, Political Involvement, Spirituality, Graduate and Professional School

Year 4-Getting Ready for the Real World

Finding a Career Mentor, Credit, Insurance, Home/Car buying, Investing/Saving and Thesis Preparation

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