Powered by Service

Powered By Service is a UNL program where businesses and UNL staff go into a school and conduct training sessions for middle or high school students. The program uses peer-to-peer interactions and highlights the benefits of servant leadership combined with enhancing talent, exploring career paths and nurturing education by focusing on one area of expertise per session. We work in conjunction with sponsor businesses to bring these beneficial programs into the school setting.

UNL just started up our 2019 PBS season and we have two participants who wanted to share their experience.

PBS Review by Jamila Jeffers

Powered By Service (PBS) season has officially begun!  My name is Jamila Jeffers, Sophomore, International Business Major at Howard University from Brooklyn, NY.  We kicked off PBS season with training over 300 freshmen at Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia and it was ultimately a great experience. I was granted the opportunity to train these students just one week before I began my second semester of Sophomore Year and it has been the kick-start, I need to fuel me into finishing strong.

During this week of training, I was challenged with working and bonding with individuals from different backgrounds and with different learning styles. Through this experience, I was able to use my leadership skills to teach three consecutive classes, while maintaining the energy and flow of each class.  It was a difficult and challenging week but, in the end, it was a rewarding experience.

Along with fun, interactive learning activities we immersed students in practical sessions on leadership, personal brand development and the most popular Financial Literacy. Students were able to learn about credit, balancing a budget, networking with a purpose and proper money management. Overall, what mattered most to me was that I was sowing a seed into every student.  Affirming that they are important, along with their interests and the things they enjoy doing most.

PBS Review by Harley Vinsonhaler

From January 8-11, 2019, Usher’s New Look partook in a fun-filled week at Pebblebrook Highschool in Atlanta, GA. The UNL Moguls in Training program had multiple leaders from across the United States come teach lessons to the freshman class on basic life skills such as networking, personal branding, leadership, and budgeting.

Throughout the week of Powered by Service (PBS), students were not only able to play games, express themselves and their talents to their fellow peers, but they were also able to explore their future careers, what their “spark” and or passion is, and had the opportunity to work with members from Suntrust Bank. This gave the students a chance to be engaged and hands on with their peers and leaders to solve problems for the assigned activities. In result, students received a certificate of completion to show that they had completed the week of PBS.