Empowering Our Youth to Create Healthy Environments for All

Usher’s New Look (UNL) and Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) are proud to present this exciting Disruptivate Series to educate, support, and develop passion-driven youth leaders and advocates to become environmental justice ChangeMakers.

We know our youth are passionate about making a difference in the communities in which they live. This three-part series will give them the space to explore and engage in conversations around topics such as environmental justice, food access/security, climate justice and much more. Youth participants with be equipped with the tools needed to identify environmental issues of importance to them and their communities while also creating a plan of action for using their spark and passion to implement meaningful change.

The Series

The Disruptivate: Environmental Justice Series will be held as three separate events, each focused on a different theme within environmental justice work.

Participants are invited to join one or multiple events, but they will follow the same general structure: 

  • (Session Complete) Part 1 – Introduction: The first hour of the program will be dedicated to leveling the playing field for all participants, for those who have some knowledge and those who do not, to get on the same page. This will be an opportunity for the participants to learn about the broad concepts and historical context of what environmental justice is and how it relates to them. This background knowledge will provide them with the proper tools for the next hour of the summit.
  • (Session Complete) Part 2 – Deep Dive: The second portion will be dedicated to understanding how the issue at hand (climate justice, waste, food justice) manifests in society. They will be investigating and exploring with the help of their breakout session leader to discover the problems in society and connect them to environmental justice. The session leader will use personal experiences and real-life examples to teach the participants about their particular topic. 
  • (January 26th) Part 3 – Creating Meaningful Change: Finally, after learning about the concept of environmental justice and the problems that exist in society, the participants will get some time to reflect on the things they have learned. They will identify the topic they find themselves most invested in and return to that group to brainstorm with other passionate people and start making plans of action for future change. In this time, the session leaders will provide tools and tactics for future civic engagement (alongside any resources provided by CPF) in that topic so that they can go forward and begin making change. 
  • Wrap-Up: Initial share-out of action proposals and next steps.

Call to Action: Participants will be challenged to submit a Disruptivate plan and video pitch of why the issue they are choosing to focus on is important to them, and how they intend to create change. Youth that submit campaigns will be eligible for mentorship, small grants to support their projects, and the opportunity to present their ideas for change to an all-star judge panel.



The third installment of the Disruptivate Environmental Justice (DEJ) series will focus on taking action. –  Youth will learn how they can become change agents through organizing, activism – creating solutions to injustices in their communities. Youth will also get information on how they can earn funding for their own service projects. This event is open to all high school & college scholars.

DATE:  Wednesday, January 26, 2022

TIME:   6:00p – 7:30p (EST)

LOCATION:  Zoom Video Conference

COST:  Free

HIGH SCHOOL + COLLEGE SCHOLARS:  We’re looking to convene 100 high school and college scholars from UNL and CPF programs.



We would love to have you join us in creating Environmental Justice Disruptivators and ChangeMakers and have several exciting partner and sponsorship opportunities available.

Renea J Pierre
Chief Engagement Officer
Usher’s New Look


Alexis Chase
Director, Development
Captain Planet Foundation