More Than a Marketer

As we work hard to find ways to stay in control as our lives change right in front of our eyes, it’s important to remember to focus on the core of what we do. As Marketers, our roles require us to amplify the brands we love and keep them front and center in the marketplace. We leverage the tools in our marketing toolbox to accomplish this and with a bit of strategy, timing and creativity, we often hit the mark, engaging a valued audience and telling an impactful story.

But today, as we deal with both personal and professional challenges to find the balance between sensitivity and transitioning into a voice of hope, we must remember to leverage our creativity for good. We must still find ways to share what our brand is doing to fulfill its mission, while uplifting others to let them know, everything will be okay, as long as we work together. In many ways, business has become personal. 

In times like these, Marketers have an opportunity to create a “ministry” that will help people remain hopeful in better days to come. Creativity is a gift that should never be taken for granted, and we should always remember, where there are roadblocks, there are solutions. Let’s challenge ourselves to be a positive voice in a world that is changing at rapid speed. Let’s use our marketing and storytelling gifts for good because creativity reigns in times of despair.

Kim Williams, UNL VP of Marketing